My 5 favourite feel-good beauty swaps

My 5 favourite feel-good beauty swaps

I’ve always enjoyed trying out new beauty products and cosmetics. I went through a particularly bad phase when I lived in London and I became a prolific make-up shopper. But over the past few years, I’ve become far more conscious of my impact on the environment. I’m now more aware of consumerism, excessive packaging, plastic

Facemasks that actually work

As a beauty editor I am constantly trying new products and discovering what’s worth the pennies and what’s not. Facemasks being one of those products I could not live without. But which ones actually work and which ones should be left on the shelf? Here are just a few of my tried and tested favourite

Top 5 Makeup Products for Under £10

  More expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better. There are so many amazing products for under £10 and here are 5 that you need to add to your makeup collection.   Revolution X Soph highlighter palette – I like to glow and this palette is one of the best highlighting products I’ve found for under £10.