Save, spend, splurge!

Hi Housemates, Hope you’re well and have all had a good week? I’m very pleased to say that last week’s inaugural “Save, Spend, Splurge” made it into the most-read section, so thank you so much for all of your support! This week I went back to Devon to finally see my family after a long

5 Beauty Buys I Have Loved Through Lockdown

It’s funny isn’t it, the fact that all social situations were basically nonexistent for those many months didn’t stop the speed at which the beauty industry works. New releases practically everyday (some meh, good, some great!) and a never ending thirst for the next ‘new thing’. I’ve put together a little list of things I’ve

Facemasks that actually work

As a beauty editor I am constantly trying new products and discovering what’s worth the pennies and what’s not. Facemasks being one of those products I could not live without. But which ones actually work and which ones should be left on the shelf? Here are just a few of my tried and tested favourite