Skincare & Selfcare

Is it just me or has everyone, all of sudden, just decided that they need a 14-step evening skincare routine that consists of 3 exfoliators and 5 cleansers? As a lover of skincare and having a beauty regime, I’ve always appreciated and understood the need to look after my skin …but I knew this wasn’t

Top To Toe Autumn Skincare

There is no better time than a new season to update your skincare regime, or if you’ve been a little rubbish over the Summer think of Autumn as the fresh start your skin needs. Here are my top tips to keep your skin glowing throughout the colder weather:   Don’t skip on your moisturiser This

Managing Oily Skin

*These tips are not applicable to those with medical skin conditions. In these cases, medical advice from a qualified dermatologist or doctor should be acquired before changing skincare routine.   Let’s get one thing straight – skin is meant to have oil. TV and magazine ads for skincare products promise the Earth when it comes

My top 5 red lipsticks

Everyone, regardless of their skin tone or make up regime, should own a red lipstick. It promotes that girl boss attitude and there is a shade to suit every complexion. There are just a few things to remember before you rock a red lip. 1: Always use a lip liner. This will prevent smudging and

Influencer? I wish! Or do I?

Hi guys! I thought today would be a good time to address a couple of misconceptions within the beauty community. I mean, obviously I can’t speak for everyone, so these views and experiences are entirely my own. This post is inspired by the lovely Hollife (in case you don’t already know, Holly is a beauty

What beauty means to me

Coffee with a lovely friend who is going through a bit of a tough time recently reminded me of an occasion at work, a few years ago where, as a team building exercise, we were asked to bring in something that ‘represented us’. It’s probably of little surprise that I totally forgot to find anything

Glossier – Is it worth the hype?

If you’re on social media, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the juggernaut of the beauty world, Glossier. Reasonably priced products that promise exceptional results, but is their reputation deserved?       Glossier is an American skincare and beauty company promising California cool-girl skin and effortlessly chic, glowing makeup looks to its customers. “Glowing,