Dead To Me Review

I am one of those people who either binge watches a whole series in one go or takes three years to watch something (hello Making A Murderer – still on series 1). Call me an all or nothing girl, I just need to be hooked by episode 1. That’s what happened with ‘Dead To Me’,

Living my West life

Me: “I’m going to see Westlife….” Friend: “Really? Are they still around…..?” The answer my friend is yes. They are well and truly still around. They took a little break, said their farewells to their fans to take some time out of the spotlight and focus on their families, in the summer of 2012. I

Buenos Dias Sevilla

I’m a believer that girl trips are good for the soul….time for yourself….time to relax and unwind and time to take stock and reflect about how you are as a parent. You might not agree but I find I come back recharged and ready to smash parenting in the face again. We’ve done a girls

Week One of NaNoWriMo

Camp NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. This is a challenge that happens twice a year, in which you can choose a goal and spend the whole month trying to write a book. July’s is a more lenient version of November’s NaNoWriMo which has a set limit and working pace. I saw through watching

How to be French

I fell in love with Paris before I had ever been, but after my visits my love has turned into an obsession. I love everything about it, it feels whimsical and magical and the streets are filled with history and style. The food is the best in the world, my diet basically consists of cheese


A Day Out at the Confetti Flower Fields

Flowers are having a bit of a moment with botanical arrangements adorning shop fronts and interiors, and flower fields becoming a popular attraction across the UK. Worcester’s Confetti Flower Fields are but one of a few flower fields available to the public in England – but you’ll have to be quick, they’re only open for two weeks during