Top Travelling Prep Tips

The advancement of a new travelling experience means a lot of organisation. I can see why companies who professionally organise trips actually exist. There are the flights (that’s the easy bit), then accommodation (but reading one poor review after ten positive ones sets me back to square one), what to do and see, visas, vaccines,

An Online Tour of Dior

On Wednesday I fell into a dream. A Dior dream. Yes folks – I was lucky enough to secure one of the hottest tickets in town. I visited the new Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Spanning 1947 to the present day, Dior: Designer of Dreams traces the history of one of the

Breaking Barriers In San Francisco

Recovering from a big illness takes time, patience, and strength, and some days just happen to be stronger than others. I have accepted that today is a not-so-strong day and have been confined to bed, having already signed off of hospital placement for tomorrow, to give me time to recuperate and be good to myself.

Insta Themes Are All Good, But…

…they’re hard to keep up with. Well, that’s my personal opinion anyway. I made the decision back in September to instil an Autumn theme on my grid. Something I don’t regret doing, as my engagement increased and people were taking more notice of my photography. Plus, I love Autumn and everything surrounding it. I produced