Acute Anxiety

I can’t tell you why I’ve been feeling anxious lately, not really. I could guess a few contributing factors but I don’t know why it feels so bad, or why when I’m led in bed at night things I did 15 even 20 years ago pop into my head and I can’t get them out.

Self-Care Tips for Lockdown

It’s been 3 months since lockdown began and for many of us, this new way of life is taking its toll. Our usual freedoms are gone and won’t be returning for a while, leaving many people feeling a bit down and anxious. Today, I’m going to share my self-care tips to give us all a


Laura’s 6 Top Tips to Stay Hydrated

As the warmer weather comes (and goes if you live in Scotland like me) it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Not only does it have several benefits such as clearer and more nourished skin, it’s also essential for our bodies to function on a daily basis. Making sure you stay hydrated is essential for our

A Letter To CF

Dear CF, I’m not sure if that’s how I should start this letter. It’s not like I’m writing to Sandra who lives in Australia (disclaimer – just a hypothetical Sandra, I don’t happen to know anyone called Sandra) I’m writing to a disease, it’s weird as it’s not like you can write back to me.

Lucy’s Tips On Staying Hydrated

With Summer arriving, it’s time to keep ourselves hydrated even more than we have been doing. Now I know, drinking water endlessly can be a little boring, water is tasteless and is not as good as vodka or gin. Keeping ourselves hydrated is very important for our bodies as it helps regulate our temperature, it