Skincare & Selfcare

Is it just me or has everyone, all of sudden, just decided that they need a 14-step evening skincare routine that consists of 3 exfoliators and 5 cleansers? As a lover of skincare and having a beauty regime, I’ve always appreciated and understood the need to look after my skin …but I knew this wasn’t

My body and me

I have had an uncomfortable relationship with myself and my body for a long time, in fact as far back as I can remember I have felt this way. From being 4 or 5 years old I remember feeling big, I remember one of my first school memories being that of someone commenting on my

I Take How Many Tablets?!

I see everyone writing about their blogging stats, eg how many followers they have on each platform or how many views they get in a year on their blog. However, I thought I would try writing statistics which are something completely different to that.     If you didn’t know already from reading my blog,