Mexican Eggs Benny

Easy Mexican Eggs Benny

I’ve always kind of shied away from ol’ Eggs Benedict.  I’ve gotta say, I’m not the biggest fan of mayonnaise (that’s putting it mildly; come within ten feet of me with the stuff and I’ll whip out a crucifix and holy water) – and hollandaise sauce is pretty much a relative of the white stuff. Also, I’ve always

Cooking Like Aunty

You’ve probably heard the saying “there’s nothing better than home cooked food”, and if there’s one thing Nepal made me appreciate, it would be just that. When I first arrived in Nepal we stayed at a hotel in Kathmandu where I first encountered the Nepalese traditional dish Dal Bhat … My first experience with the

DIY Boxwood Bar

If you love pretty decor, DIY, vibrant colours, hosting and gin – THIS DIY BOXWOOD BAR FOR BOE GIN IS FOR YOU! It goes without saying that it didn’t take much consideration when asked by Boe Gin to come up with an artistic creation that involved sampling their delicious gin at the same time. This has to be