New year New meh…

Hey! Happy New year! That’s what we say right? I had such high hopes for this year and granted we are only 9 days in but already I am feeling deflated, disengaged and pretty demotivated. And I can’t quite pull myself out of this slump that I have found myself in. But that’s silly right?

The Not So January Blues

If January was a colour, it would be grey. Actually, not grey because everyone seems to be loving grey at the moment… let’s go with magnolia. Why you magnolia you ask? Why boring ole magnolia? And there’s really only one answer. No one really likes magnolia. You move into a new house or new apartment

Change : The Single Mum (Part 3)

This was my day job, but usually I was the professional on the other side of the desk. I took a deep breath and the words came spiralling out. Factual, accurate, no emotion attached …composed as ever.  Strong for my son. Honest for myself. The day continued; classes began…for us both.   Normality was needed

The Blank Diary Fear

Every January I tell myself I’ll change and do things differently this year. And here I am, beginning of January and back to where I was last year. The Blank Diary Fear. Santa has brought be my usual shiny new Moleskine diary for the upcoming year, after writing in family members birthdays and other must