Dating: Is It All Just A Game?

My new found attitude to dating: if I want it, then go after it! Write that message… say something witty, give some banter! Chances are they don’t reply, but I’m just putting it out there! I can’t be bothered to sit round and wait for someone to message me first… hello, it is the 21st century!

It’s not your wedding

I’m getting married, to my best friend, in January. We gave ourselves 6 months of planning only, and here we are 3 months into this planning and of course stressed beyond belief but equally excited. I decided to do a little research for this blog by speaking to ladies who are already married about the

Travelling Solo

I’ve travelled solo a few times now, mainly Liverpool but also to Brighton. As much as there is a sense of apprehension surrounding a solo trip, there is a great feeling of independence and confidence when you venture out of your home town. The anxiety can dangerously spoil a lone trip away. In my case,