Pregnant During A Lockdown

What a time we’re in. When I imagined my second pregnancy, I could’ve never anticipated I’d be embarking on this journey in the middle of a global pandemic. When I first learnt of my pregnancy, COVID-19 had just made it’s mark in the UK with only a few reported cases- only 1 reported in Bristol

25 Things I’ve Learned At 25

So I’m not quite 25 yet, but it is my birthday month! As the probability of me spending it in lockdown continues to look likely, I’m planning the Afternoon Tea I’m going to throw myself (shout out to Katrina @realgirlswobble for the inspo), and am also reflecting on the wisdom (if you could call it

Trying To Embrace The Home Life

A lot of us are staring at four walls wondering when we are going to be able to step outside freely again. We’re all either living with our parents, partners, spouses or flatmates and wondering how the hell we haven’t gone ape shit at them over the way they suck a Cornetto. Yes, being at