Why I Started My Blog

From many of my posts, you may think I am some sort of tortured soul who is never happy. Although this is half right, it makes for some great blog posts where you can get a little bit of an insight into my mind. There were a few reasons I did start this blog, and

Insta vs Reality

Now boys and girls, it’s time to teach you the lesson of how everyone you see on Instagram isn’t all that they’re cracked up to be. Behind every selfie there are hidden insecurities, secret battles or concealed hints of self doubt. I look at myself and see flaws and imperfections that I wish to keep away

Father’s Day Ideas

It’s a known fact that Father’s Day stands behind the shadow of the fanfare that is Mother’s Day. Trust me, I know. But dads are just as important and so is their day. This year, Liam and I will both be missing Father’s Days with his dad, John, so I’m going to have to put

Sticks and stones…

… But words do hurt you. In my previous post about my journey with depression , I mentioned how destructive strangers judging me on Facebook was to my mental health. Social media is such a huge part of our day to day lives it’s easy to forget that we are actually still all human beings,

My mid year review

I was adding some dates to my diary and had to look twice, how are we already in June? How are we already halfway through the year? I know people say it a lot, but wow this year is galloping speedily away from me. In work we have monthly one to ones where we catch

The Big 21

So I have now turned the big 21…scary thoughts are settling in as this age has a certain sense of maturity surrounding it, it’s like being given the official adulthood status, and that you have to be a responsible human being who has their shit together. I thought in the lead-up to this big birthday,