The Blank Diary Fear

Every January I tell myself I’ll change and do things differently this year. And here I am, beginning of January and back to where I was last year. The Blank Diary Fear. Santa has brought be my usual shiny new Moleskine diary for the upcoming year, after writing in family members birthdays and other must

Fear: The Single Mum (Part 2)

Rummaging  through the crumpled heaps thrown on the floor, all my favourite items burnt to cinders. Powerful dressing wasn’t going to be a thing today. I’d have to go it alone. My daughter didn’t question why we travelled to school as a three, why her brother was going to miss the first bell. We watched

A Decade Of Lessons

What have I learned from the last decade? Well, it’s been a testing one that’s for sure, but it’s also been the most amazing pilgrimage of self discovery I’ve ever been on. I feel like the last decade is where I really became an adult, anything before was part of my youth. In 2010 I

My Wishes for 2020

A New Year, A New Goal.. As the beginning of 2020 gets closer, the thought of making new years resolutions feels so daunting. The top of everyone’s resolutions these days – Get fit, loose weight and make more money, and of course the ultimate goal, spoken like a true pageant girl “world peace”. Now, I

My Top 10 Festive Forget-Nots

1. Do Christmas your way! Traditions are what you make them – some people have turkey 🍗with trimmings, others choose Chinese takeaway. Some share presents 🎁  in abundance, others share their presence. Don’t compare what you do with others – it’s your day, do it your way. 2. Smile until it’s contagious. Smiles 😃 bring