Lucy’s Budgeting Tips

Every time I hear the word ‘budget’ , I think of the Chancellor standing outside 10 Downing Street with that red suitcase and holding it aloft for the tens of paparazzi there waiting to snap a quick photo. Yes, budgeting. It’s not easy. Whatever income you have coming in, it’s all about prioritising, especially if

How To Have A Digital Spring Clean

Yes, spring cleaning doesn’t have to just involve washing your curtains, hoovering under the sofas or Dettoling the kitchen cupboards (obviously you take the food out first) . It can also mean having a digital sort out. By this, I don’t mean getting the screen wipes and wiping down your phone, laptop or Ipad screens.

Love For Lockdown

People keep saying things to me like ‘can’t wait to go out when is over’ as if it’s expected that we are all super excited about socialising again. We must surely all be desperate to get to that overcrowded bar with friends we’ve been avoiding for ages? No, I’m kidding – normalcy is an exciting

Feeling Wavy

Well, I can’t even lie, this week has been one of the hardest I’ve experienced in a long time. As I sit here writing this, and I really reflect upon the last seven days, it’s hard not to be emotional – emotional that we’re muddling through it with great health and relationships (so far) intact,

The Gift I Didn’t Know I Wanted

Discovering I was pregnant last year took a little time for me to accept… To think I was actually going to give birth to a real life baby, I’d be adding mother to my CV and somehow would be responsible for another little life. Surely not? It just didn’t seem right. In my head I’m still stuck