“I Like You…But.”

“I like you…but.” How many times have you heard those words? Or something similar like the tried and tested “it’s not you, it’s me.” Personally, I have heard both phrases more than I would care to admit, and quite recently at that too. But instead of doing my usual, which is to mope around eating

”OMG I thought it was you”

*Warning: Strong language* Question: When is the ideal time to bump into an old college friend that you haven’t seen for the thick end of 10 years? Is it when you are unshowered, unshaven (chin hairs protruding), unmade up without a scrap of make up and totally uninterested in anything that’s happening around you because

Tips for a new stepmom

Stepfamilies are the fastest-growing family type in the UK, with an estimated one in three of all families being part of one. I grew up with a stepdad, and I’ve been a stepmom for the last seven years. While it’s a really beautiful role to take on, it can also be damn hard, so I’ve

My Weird Self Care Habits

Self care is something that is constantly promoted by blogger’s, the media, health professionals and even through family and friends.   There’s no limit to the amount of self care habits you choose to have in your self care routine and every person’s self care habits and routine are different to suit that person’s needs,