It’s not your wedding

I’m getting married, to my best friend, in January. We gave ourselves 6 months of planning only, and here we are 3 months into this planning and of course stressed beyond belief but equally excited. I decided to do a little research for this blog by speaking to ladies who are already married about the

Travelling Solo

I’ve travelled solo a few times now, mainly Liverpool but also to Brighton. As much as there is a sense of apprehension surrounding a solo trip, there is a great feeling of independence and confidence when you venture out of your home town. The anxiety can dangerously spoil a lone trip away. In my case,

Baby Shower Trends in 2019

We all know baby showers are a HUGE deal in America, but in the last few years, the popularity of baby showers in Britain has risen massively, making them pretty common practice now. I personally think baby showers are a lush idea! It’s a celebration of new life and a chance to get together with