Dating: Is It All Just A Game?

My new found attitude to dating: if I want it, then go after it! Write that message… say something witty, give some banter! Chances are they don’t reply, but I’m just putting it out there! I can’t be bothered to sit round and wait for someone to message me first… hello, it is the 21st century!

Five Single Mama Truths

  What I’ve Learnt Over The Past 3 Years… A bit of a different but honest post from me today. Today I’m going to share with you 5 things about the reality of being a single mama (and don’t worry it’s not all bad) but I want to be honest. I’m one for sharing all the

It’s not your wedding

I’m getting married, to my best friend, in January. We gave ourselves 6 months of planning only, and here we are 3 months into this planning and of course stressed beyond belief but equally excited. I decided to do a little research for this blog by speaking to ladies who are already married about the