Learning to date yourself

One thing I have realised since becoming single is how important it is to be able to spend time by yourself, and not just at home in your own bubble but actually take yourself out, eating alone, going to the cinema alone – all the things we do when we’re in a relationship or with

A letter to the women in my life

To all the wondrous, powerful, inspiring and loving women in my life,   It’s because of you all that I am here now, being who I am, being what I want to be, with all the happiness, strength and pride you taught me to have, as we all continue discovering ourselves.   On International Women’s

How not to be inspired

Inspiration is an odd thing. Just like motivation, it is powerful when it’s there but it is also fragile and fleeting. Whilst I generally believe that we should never rely on inspiration to get us closer to our goals – as habit, strategy and planning will get us much further much faster – it is