Comparing Myself To…Myself

Comparing myself to myself – that’s a thinker! Let me start from the beginning: I did quite a random thing the other night (don’t get any ideas!) I was scrolling through my Instagram, right back to about three years ago when I posted nearly everyday. Remembering an innocent time when engagement and likes wasn’t such

Influencer? I wish! Or do I?

Hi guys! I thought today would be a good time to address a couple of misconceptions within the beauty community. I mean, obviously I can’t speak for everyone, so these views and experiences are entirely my own. This post is inspired by the lovely Hollife (in case you don’t already know, Holly is a beauty

Learning to date yourself

One thing I have realised since becoming single is how important it is to be able to spend time by yourself, and not just at home in your own bubble but actually take yourself out, eating alone, going to the cinema alone – all the things we do when we’re in a relationship or with