Reflecting on a year in lockdown

Reflecting on a year in lockdown

Since last March, we’ve been in and out of local and national lockdowns. It’s been frustrating and boring and tedious at times, but it’s also been a chance to step out of our comfort zones and explore new hobbies. So, instead of dwelling on the negatives of lockdown, I’m focusing on the positives and reflecting

Broccoli, Carrot or Chicken Nugget?

  *Contains strong language*   Scenario: You are asked to make a short video congratulating a work colleague for 15 years service that will become part of a montage.  When the finished article is released onto the group WhatsApp chat you realise everyone has left heartfelt messages and filmed their actual selves except for you

Eliza’s Hell’s Angels

Scenario: When your brother confides that your children are the sole reason he has chosen to remain childless.  He admits he loves them and they are little angels but the variety that have come straight from the guts of hell.  His pet name for them, ‘The hell’s angels’ now makes a great deal of sense.