Is he worth it?

“Is he worth it?” These are the words that haven’t stopped ringing in my ears for the last three weeks. My mum, my friends, my subconscious – they’ve all been asking me the same thing. Tonight, I decided the answer had to be no. After a series of small inconveniences this morning, I had a

Full Nest Guilt

Growing up, you are always led to think that when you hit your early twenties you should be living completely on your own or with a partner. However, this is not always true. As more and more young people move back home it leads to the question: should I feel guilty for living with my

Will I Ever Learn To Drive?

I have an eidetic memory. I can randomly recall events so vividly it sometimes scares me. I remember conversations, scents, noises and minute details whilst at the same time I can completely block out certain memories and have no recollection of them no matter how hard I try. This first started with my first ever

Losing A Pet

Ok, I’m going to challenge myself not to reach for the box of Kleenex tissues while writing this post! Possibly easier said than done, but I’ll give it a go. For those who haven’t looked at my social media profiles lately because you were on a social media detox or something like that, my beautiful


The majority of people know that when you suffer mentally your mood is unwillingly affected, this has harmful affects on not only yourself, but those surrounding you. You may lash out in anger, or frustration, or just because your brain is exhausted. When your a parent and looking after tiny humans – your stress levels