Balance – What Is It Anyway?

How do we gain that perfect work-life balance?  It seems more like work-study-socialise-be happy-be healthy-be successful-don’t crumble-don’t slip up- balance. How are we supposed to do everything we’re supposed to do and keep up with the fast pace of life and not f*ck up?  This week has been horrible for me, so many things have gone

Why I Started My Blog

From many of my posts, you may think I am some sort of tortured soul who is never happy. Although this is half right, it makes for some great blog posts where you can get a little bit of an insight into my mind. There were a few reasons I did start this blog, and

Insta vs Reality

Now boys and girls, it’s time to teach you the lesson of how everyone you see on Instagram isn’t all that they’re cracked up to be. Behind every selfie there are hidden insecurities, secret battles or concealed hints of self doubt. I look at myself and see flaws and imperfections that I wish to keep away