Handling grief at Christmas

Christmas, the most wonderful time of year, the one time of year we are supposed to put differences aside and spend it with those that mean the most. However, if someone is missing from your table this Christmas their absence can feel all that more acute especially at this time of year. I remember the

What I’ve learnt about love

What have I learnt since being in and out of love? Honestly? Don’t make one person your whole world, because ultimately if you break up (and chances are you probably will – how depressing) then you’re going to feel like your world has ended and you have nothing to live for. And I for one

The truth behind gaslighting

I had never heard the term gaslighting before until a couple of years ago when during a season of Love Island one of the contestants was called out for it. I remember reading an article about it at the time and thinking wow, that sounds like what is happening to me. But I never spoke