How to be French

I fell in love with Paris before I had ever been, but after my visits my love has turned into an obsession. I love everything about it, it feels whimsical and magical and the streets are filled with history and style. The food is the best in the world, my diet basically consists of cheese

My Fashion Idols

Olivia Palermo My foray into the world of fashion probably began when I stumbled onto Olivia’s pics on Pinterest many years ago. Up until that point I really didn’t have any style I could call my own. When I saw the pieces she put together, different colours meshing with different fabrics, I began to see

What Exactly Is Sustainable Fashion?

Recently, the news and blogs have been filled with the terms ‘sustainable fashion’, ‘fast-fashion’ and ‘ethical brands’ and you may have been wondering, what does all of this mean? Before you run to your wardrobe and start tossing things into black bags, or emptying all of your online wish lists, I did some research to

An Online Tour of Dior

On Wednesday I fell into a dream. A Dior dream. Yes folks – I was lucky enough to secure one of the hottest tickets in town. I visited the new Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Spanning 1947 to the present day, Dior: Designer of Dreams traces the history of one of the