Lucy’s Budgeting Tips

Every time I hear the word ‘budget’ , I think of the Chancellor standing outside 10 Downing Street with that red suitcase and holding it aloft for the tens of paparazzi there waiting to snap a quick photo. Yes, budgeting. It’s not easy. Whatever income you have coming in, it’s all about prioritising, especially if

Do’s and Don’ts: How to impress on Zoom

Over the past few weeks, how we work and the way we work has dramatically changed. The current situation with coronavirus means many people who are normally office-based, have now found themselves working from home. This comes with its own unique challenges. Being at home means it’s more important than ever to make sure we’re

Sophie’s Tips To Beat The Isolation Slump

    Who would have guessed it? The world as we know it is on lockdown. We’re swapping our morning commute for an extra forty-five minutes tucked under the covers, contemplating whether to shimmy downstairs to the DIY work station in something a little more boujee than the old loungewear set we wore yesterday. Our schedules may

Working from home: the reality

Nowadays we live and work In a society that is no longer just the 9 to 5. In an age where ‘agile’ working promises flexibility and more control over our working time, and many of us choose our home as a working environment. The flexibility of working from home creates lots of positives for our