7th June: Approaching Brands & Publications

7th June: Approaching Brands & Publications


Sunday, June 7, 2020

Group: 30 Persons

We don’t want to let Coronavirus stop all the fun, so instead of our monthly meet-ups, we’re going to host our Blogging Workshops online. Like the normal events, they will be at brunch-time on a Sunday but instead of being location specific, they’ll be topic specific which gives you the chance to join and chat with bloggers from all over the UK on a subject that you really want to know all about.

The brunch will be held in an online chat room, enabling you to fully join with the conversation, hear from our guest speaker Shoned Owen, CEO of Tanya Whitebits, and benefit from the workshop just as you would at our normal events.

Attendees will receive a cute care package in the post ahead of the event, to make our workshop as close to the real deal as possible.

This workshop will be focused on how to effectively approach brands for collaborations and publications for features. Businesses and publications often receive hundreds of emails per week with requests for collabs or features - make sure yours stands out! We'll be breaking down the do's and don'ts with tips on everything from wording an eye-catching subject line to politely but robustly summarising your request, getting through to the correct contact, the perfect follow up and more.

Register now and you'll receive the link you need to access the online chat room.

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Event Schedule



An introduction to House 21 for those attending their first workshop.


The perfect first email

First impressions are vital - make sure yours is firs class!


Approaching the right person

The best person to contact may not always be who you think it is...think outside the box.


What To Include

Everything you need to include when making initial contact.


How to Follow Up

Striking the correct tone with a follow-up can be tricky, but we've got you covered.


Shoned Owen

CEO of Tanya Whitebits dishes out tips from the brand owner point-of-view,

Our Hosts & Speakers


Melanie Owen

Event Host

Melanie is a House 21 host who can usually be found running her marketing business, horse riding, playing piano or reading.


Rebecca George

House 21 Birmingham

Quinn's mamma. Blog writer. Coffee drinker.

Shoned Owen Tanya Whitebits House 21 bloggers

Shoned Owen


Global tanning brand Tanya Whitebits