House 21 in partnership with Hwb Menter: How blogging benefits your business

House 21 in partnership with Hwb Menter: How blogging benefits your business


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Group: 30 Persons

This online workshop is hosted in partnership with Hwb Menter Enterprise Hub to boost blogging in North Wales.

The topic discussed at this workshop will be How blogging benefits your business. We'll be running through the importance of having a blog for your brand, but also how beneficial it is to market your brand through bloggers and influencers. Whether you're completely new to the world of blogging, or you want to better utilise blogger marketing, this workshop will be your key to boosting your brand's reach.

This workshop with Hwb Menter Enterprise Hub is being hosted with North Welsh businesses in mind.

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Welcome to all attendees and intro to House 21.


Brand Blog

Why do you need one?


Writing your brand's blog

Keywords, targeting...all the jargon!


Blogger Marketing

What is it and why is it so fundamental?


Assessing Media Packs

What to expect from media packs and potential collaborations



Your questions, answered!

Our Hosts & Speakers


Melanie Owen

Event Host

Melanie is a House 21 host who can usually be found running her marketing business, horse riding, playing piano or reading.


Donna Owen

Event Host

Donna is a House 21 host, lover of fitness, walking and travelling. With nearly twenty years of management under her belt, she's always on hand to ensure the brunches are running smoothly.

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