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Well, I’m a 20-something Londoner (or Essex girl depending on who you ask) who quite frankly hasn’t got a clue what she’s doing. This blog is an extension of my Instagram, a place where I am free to talk about my life, my experiences, my fears, anything that’s playing on my mind that just might help someone who’s reading it. I don’t want to ever come across as someone who has her shit together or has her ducks in a row because frankly I don’t – if I ever do you’re allowed to snap me back to reality!


I hope being here on my little place on the internet you can find a smile, a friend, a laugh and maybe the village idiot (I honestly don’t know how I managed a degree, I’m truly stupid sometimes!) I also feel compelled to tell you I’m also the cheap wine advocate so if you need advice on Aldi or Lidl wine, I’m your gal.

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